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In 2015 I bought 8 bitcoins on a whim for $225 each and then forgot about them until the fall of 2021 when Bitcoin climbed to almost $70,000. Suddenly my $1800 investment was worth more than $500,000.

I wasn’t sure what to do… Sell them? Keep them? The problem was that I knew almost nothing about crypto but it was just too much money to ignore so I decided it was time to start learning.

This site documents the journey

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26 Feb 2022

Buy a few Bitcoins for $225

When I bought 8 Bitcoins in 2015 for $225 each the price seemed ridiculous for what I thought of as fake money. I'm really not......
01 Mar 2022

Mine Monero with idle servers – FAIL!

As bitcoin climbed to astronomical levels in the fall of 2021 and covid meant a lot more time at home, I decided it was time......
08 Mar 2022

Build my first mining rig

Although my attempt to mine with systems not designed for mining was a complete failure, I was not ready to give up on mining. From......
15 Mar 2022

Create a Firo master node

While building my first mining rig I learned that Ethereum was soon going to become un-mineable because it was switching from "proof of work" to......
23 Mar 2022

Become a PIVX validator

After getting my Firo node setup, I wanted to look for more opportunities to host other master nodes, hopefully ones that would provide a quicker......
25 Mar 2022

Build a FLUX node

At the start of Russia's war in Ukraine cryptos went on a wild ride swinging up 20% one day and down 30% the next. Since......
25 Mar 2022

Become a Tezos baker

Now that I have some experience with a few easy master node projects I wanted to look for a little more challenging one. FIRO, PIVX,......
29 Mar 2022

Become a bee

I find DeFi is a particularly confusing part of crypto. It seems very abstract and many times the various projects feel like solutions desperately searching......
13 Apr 2022

Create a multi-project node

When looking for master nodes projects I realized there are many projects where the nodes don't require much in terms of system resources, for example......
22 Apr 2022

Build a mining rig from scratch

When I built my first mining rig I kind of cheated. I ordered a kit that had everything except the GPUs. All I had to......
21 May 2022

Expand my multi-project node – Streamr

I found another node project which seems like it could be a good candidate for my multi-node server. The Streamr project wants to provide a......
21 May 2022

Improve the stability of my mining rig

After building my GPU/CPU mining rig from scratch, I left it running with stock settings to mine Ethereum while I went on vacation despite the......
23 May 2022

Add Mysterium to my multi-node server

My multi-node server is already running a Presearch node and a Streamr node. I was looking around for another node project to add and found......
28 May 2022

Gamble on a few Tomb forks

I've been reading blogs and watching YouTube videos about people making crazy returns in the crypto DeFi space. There are projects suggesting people can earn......
12 Jun 2022

Try mining with NiceHash

NiceHash frequently appears at or near the top of the Whattomine profitability list. Until now I had kind of ignored it but with mining profits......
14 Jun 2022

Go a little deeper into the Tomb

With the crypto market having day after day of losses it's difficult to find anything interesting to invest in. Lots of currencies are "cheap" now......
18 Jun 2022

Join the wolf pack

There is an category of crypto projects which I think of as investment clubs. These projects pool member money in order to make other crypto-related......
25 Jun 2022

Mine the Air

With GPU (and CPU) mining profitability in the dumps I have been looking around at other types of mining. I will probably order a few......
19 Sep 2022

Strive for Harmony

Masternodes support a blockchain by validating transactions and adding blocks to the blockchain. Since only one validator is needed per block, different projects have different......
20 Sep 2022

Become a TRON super-representative

I'm now running master nodes for quite a few different projects. Different projects use master nodes in different ways. In the FIRO project master nodes......
21 Sep 2022

Become a Crypto Banker

Some of the most understandable businesses in crypto DeFi are the lending and borrowing platforms, like Aave and Compound. These platforms allow users to borrow......
30 Sep 2022

Try ASIC Mining

Ethereum mining is dead and most other GPU-mineable coins are currently unprofitable. When Ethereum mining ended all those miners flooded into other coins. Having more......
14 Oct 2022

Try Some Spec Mining – FAIL

Mining profitability for GPU miners is in the dumps and there is no reason to think that will likely change in the short term. Even......
17 Oct 2022

Bypass the Mining Pools

Until now, all the GPU, CPU and ASIC mining I have done has been through mining pools. Using a mining pool makes sense for difficult......
02 Nov 2022

Try a Node Hosting Service

Until now I have been setting up and hosting my own nodes. This makes sense for me because I have access to some surplus servers......
10 Nov 2022

Build a CPU Miner

Currently GPU mining is wildly unprofitable. Even without having to pay for power the USD value of what you can mine is hardly worth the......
30 Mar 2023

Reviewing my master nodes

It's been a year since I started my exploration of all things crypto. Financially, it has been a rough journey. I started 2022 with around......
11 Apr 2023

Reviewing my mining projects

In my previous post I reviewed my master node projects. In this post I will review my mining projects. I will say up front that......
13 Apr 2023

Hunt My First Airdrop

A lot of people are talking about the money they made with the recent Arbitrum airdrop. I learned about airdrops about 6 months ago. At......
15 May 2023

Deploy and mint my own BRC20 token

Over the past few weeks there has been a lot of interest, commentary and hype around BRC20 tokens. I'm normally late to the party for......

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15 May 2023

Deploy and mint my own BRC20 token

Over the past few weeks there has been a lot of interest, commentary and hype around BRC20 tokens. I'm normally late to the party for hyped new technologies but maybe I'm not too late for this one. First I wanted to get clear on the difference between a cryptocurrency and a token, which is actually straightforward. A cryptocurrency is the native asset/currency for a blockchain. For example, BTC, ETH, AVAX and ADA are all cryptocurrencies for their respective blockchains. Some blockchains also support the creation of tokens which are digital assets that are created on top of the blockchain. Tokens are generally used by applications running on the blockchain. Therefore it is no surprise that the blockchain with the most tokens is the blockchain with the most 3rd party apps, Ethereum. For example, MATIC is the token of Polygon which is a layer 2 network built on top of Ethereum.......
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The Only Investment Advice I will give

Don’t invest in crypto unless: 1) you can afford to lose everything you invest and 2) you won’t bitch and moan if that happens. I think of crypto investing like going to a casino… enjoy the free drinks and gambling experience because there is a very good chance the only thing you will go home with is a buzz and nice memories.

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